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Call on Premier Carpet and Duct Cleaning to supply you with Greensboro GA carpet cleaning services that will make your carpets clean, free of dirt and bring out their original colors.

We have the latest carpet cleaning equipment that will effectively eliminate soil from the bottom of the carpet fibers, where dirt and other materials build up.

Our skillful and specially trained Greensboro GA carpet cleaning service technicians will come to your home and provide you with the highest quality carpet cleaning service in the carpet cleaning industry.

We only use the safest, environmentally friendly materials to deep-clean all types of carpets and rugs, based on the manufacturer's recommendations only. We provide all levels of service—whether your carpets require low moisture, steam extraction, dry compound or other treatments.

We will get your carpets completely clean. Guaranteed!

It is about health too:

Survey results suggest that over 45 percent of US households ,approximately 44 million homes, have carpets with dust mite allergen concentrations that exceed levels connected with the development of allergies. This is a disturbing finding for Greensboro GA health care organizations, especially those concerned with allergic and respiratory matters.

We found that even the most powerful vacuum cleaners remove only a fraction of the dirt, pet remnants, and dust mites that remain buried in your carpet, this can mean torture for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Premier Carpet and Duct Cleaning is a favored carpet cleaning service in Greensboro GA, GA can effectively remove all dirt and other potentially troublemaking substances Using our ultramodern carpet cleaning equipment and family safe materials.

Professional Techniques

There are several carpet cleaning techniques available, such as steam carpet cleaning, chemical carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning and much, more.

We suggest the hot water extraction cleaning method as the most effective method for cleaning your carpets. We, however, would recommend the dry cleaning method for use on older or more delicate fabrics. To Correctly clean your carpet it requires professional judgment as well as mastery of the different cleaning methods available for use.

Consult with our skilled specialists who will recommend the most effective cleaning style for your individual needs. We want to give you all the information you require in order to make an intelligent decision.

Our pledge:

Your carpets will look and feel cleaner. Pleasingly more colorful and more freshness. And if your carpets were starting to look old and worn—you will be amazed at the difference.

You can feel reassured that we use only safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-irritant chemicals and formulas to deep-clean all types of carpets and rugs, based on the manufacturer's approval only.

Greensboro GA Carpet and Fabric Stain Protection

At Premier Carpet and Duct Cleaning of Athens, GA we use the best cleaning and protective cleaning agents money can buy. We use DuPont Teflon Carpet Protection on your Greensboro GA carpets.

When carpeting is made, it has two protective properties. One is a dye blocker or stain resist property. This is simply a clear dye that fills in the empty dye sites, so that it is difficult for a spill or spot to penetrate the fiber. The second is a "soil resistor". This is a product that is sprayed on and baked at a high temperature. This helps to resist against common dry soil, and as a barrier between the spill and the dye blocker.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend re-applying protector after every cleaning. After applying DuPont Teflon to the carpet, more dry soil will be removed with vacuuming, spots will be removed easier, your carpet will last longer and look better.

Greensboro GA Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is a major household investment. Regular maintenance will make it look better and last longer.

Proper cleaning can also greatly contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Premier gets your upholstery deep down clean and fresh, bringing back the vibrant color and beauty.

Greensboro GA upholstered furniture has a more varied range of materials and manufacturing methods than carpet. One cleaning process will not work on all types of upholstered Greensboro GA furniture. Our knowledgeable technicians can identify the fabric type of each upholstered piece and what cleaning methods will give your Greensboro GA upholstery the best, safest and longest lasting clean.

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